So What (?), Schlumpy Funk(!)

Shining the light of suggestion, without the glare of contrivance, we propose an unaffected refutation of formalism, with an accompanying unwillingness to exert ourselves, we seek to exalt the dirtier, messier aspects of humanity, and perhaps make an inadvertent comment on the prevailing social order, while remaining wholly committed to unconscious change, managing an effortless rejection of the fixed idea…

-David Grim


There is no “School of Schlumpy Funk”

There is no “School of Schlumpy Funk,” only a¬†playground.

Most politicians don’t have Schlumpy Funk, and the world suffers because of it.

Pen and paper are Schlumpy Funk by nature, computers are not…though if your computer makes you laugh, it momentarily has Schlumpy Funk.

Donald (yawn) Judd is, quite possibly, the Anti-Schlumpy Funk.

There will be no Schlumpy Funk Movement, movement, by nature, become artistically constipated.

Schlumpy Funk is a striving for an essence with self-evident skill and passion, not an exact…

Schlumpy Funk is not an unmade bed in an art museum…it’s not kids scrawling their names, wishing they could buy a billboard for their own corporate graffiti…

It’s not the Faux Mysticism of “color fields” and such…

It’s not the New Juvenalia, with its predictable (apologia) essay…

It’s not the New Hucksterism of floating sharks, puppy dogs, and teddy bears (though there is an art to getting millionaires to part with their money!).

Schlumpy Funk scoffs at “The Post Skill Era” touted by curators of the Bland leading the Bland.

You will know Schlumpy Funk when you see it, and feel it.

May the Schlumpy Funk be with you.


-Schlumpy Funk artist, Bob Ziller